How fast do the boats go?
The boats can reach speeds of almost 54 knots, which is approx. 100 kph, although additional factors such as wind, currents, choppy water, and the weight of the payload on board, can have a significant influence on the speed. In contrast to a car, these factors have an enormous impact on the water.
What if the weather is bad?
There’s no such thing as bad weather for us. We sail whatever the weather and provide our passengers with suitable protective clothing for rainy days, free of charge, of course.
What should I wear?
Whatever you like. Loose, casual clothing is perfectly adequate, although we have also had businessmen in suits as well as bridal couples in their wedding clothes on board. We would ask ladies not to wear high-heeled shoes (same applies to men, of course, depending on what takes your fancy).
Do you carry life jackets on board?
Will we get wet during the ride?
Not normally, if you take a trip on a single boat – unless it rains If there are several boats are in service, you may well get wet due to spray caused by the boats, but we always ask all of the passengers how extreme they want the fun factor to be, and then adapt our style of sailing appropriately.
Can I bring a camera/mobile phone with me?
Yes, but are will not accept any liability for any loss or damage.
Might I get seasick?
Seasickness is caused by the rolling motion of a ship. This means that the vessel that you are on simultaneously tilts sideways and forwards – like on a sailing boat or a ferry, for example. Our boats, on the other hand, are fast enough to ensure that the sideways roll is insignificant. Nobody has suffered seasickness on our boats to date – though no guarantee.
How old do I have to be? Is there a minimum age?
The size of a child is plays a more crucial role than age. In principle, everyone should be able to hold on safely on the boat. This should be fine for anyone who is 1.4 m (3'3") tall or taller
How many passengers can each boat carry?
Each boat can carry 7-8 passengers.
Is there a minimum number of passengers?
For taster voyages we have a minimum number of 6 passengers, otherwise 5 passengers. Of course, we are also willing to offer voyages for fewer passengers on request, although we will then have to charge you the cost for the minimum number of passengers.
Can I drive the boat myself?
Yes, that is possible if you have a valid boat licence. If not, we are happy to arrange for an experienced skipper for you free of charge.
Am I insured during the voyage?


Here are ACTIONRIB we have years of experience and can not only guarantee our customers and passengers an unforgettable experience and a thrilling ride, but safety is also our number 1 priority at all times.

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